Pitbull's La Esquina: Ghosts and Spirits

Esquina barber Rob tells the gang that his aunt believes her house is haunted. He wants to help ease her mind by getting rid of the ghost. Pitbull, Fademaster, Rob and the members of Akwid get into a discussion about Latino spiritual beliefs. Fade thinks botanicas, ghosts and superstitions are a bunch of bull so Pit and Rob decide to take Fade to a few shops to talk to “spiritual” experts. After a couple of visits to local shops, Rob challenges Fade to spend one night in his aunt’s haunted house. Fade accepts to prove his point, but is met by a series of unexpected events that help him find religion and a new attitude. Also, comedians Mike Jones and Nick Valentine share their thoughts on ghosts and superstitions.
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Pitbull's La Esquina

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