Larrymania full episode: Larry in the City, Episode 4

Larryvolución - Larry Hernandez Larryvolución - Larry Hernandez Larry termina su mix de bachata con Vena, pero se siente nervioso por lo que pensarán sus fan de su crossover. En Los Angeles, Betito le da la noticia a Larry que le consiguió una assistente. Larry va a Del Mar para dar un concierto y se entera que hay nuevas reglas y restricciones que podrián poner su presentación en riesgo. Después de todo el drama y estrés, Larry se pone a hacer ejercicio con una entrenadora sexy, hasta que la situación se sale de control. Larry wraps up his Bachata mix with Vena but feels uncertain about his fans’ reactions to his crossover song. Back in LA, Betito gives him the news that he has hired as assistant. Larry goes to Del Mar to perform only to find out there are new rules and restrictions that could jeopardize his performance. After all the drama and stress, he switches into workout mode with a hot female trainer until the session doesn’t go quite as expected.
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Larry Hernandez sings bachata.


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