Calle 13

Get up-close and personal with Calle 13 as we follow them to their hometown in Puerto Rico. The guys show us some local spots, including Residente's former apartment and the band’s private rehearsal studio. Then it’s off to Miami for photo shoots and candid interviews with Residente and Visitante. Learn about their creative process and their take on the current music scene. If you ever wanted all-access to Calle 13, here’s your chance.

Sobre mun2

mun2 es el canal de cable con programación auténtica, conmovedora, y moderna para el televidente hispano en los Estados Unidos que quiere más. mun2 está disponible a través de múltiples plataformas digitales y emergentes, incluyendo su sitio en la red y la aplicación para dispositivos móviles mun2Now. mun2 es una división de las Empresas y Contenido Hispano de NBCUniversal.

About mun2

mun2 is the U.S. cable network that provides authentic, thrilling, and modern programming for the Hispanic television viewer that wants more. mun2 is available through multiple and emerging digital platforms, including and the mobile app mun2Now. mun2 is a division of NBCUniversal's Hispanic Enterprises and Content.