18 & Over: Girls on Spring Break

Guadalupe hits South Beach for his first ever East Coast spring break! He’s going all out and renting a hummer – well, it's more like un "Hummer-sito." He’s hanging out with “single ladies,” going a little “krazy” in the 305 y “regalando amores” as he counts down the top 18 videos to party to on spring break. Grab your IDs and get ready to “just dance” this Friday! Doors open at 7pm, only on mun2!

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mun2 is the U.S. cable network that provides authentic, thrilling, and modern programming for the Hispanic television viewer that wants more. mun2 is available through multiple and emerging digital platforms, including mun2.tv and the mobile app mun2Now. mun2 is a division of NBCUniversal's Hispanic Enterprises and Content.