RPM Miami: The Players


RPM Miami: The Players

  • Son to a Mexican father and Salvadoran mother, Alejandro is an Army Ranger coming home from a tour in Iraq, only to discover that his father is missing. In his search to learn the truth, he finds himself engulfed in the dangerous underground world of Miami street racing.

  • Luisa is a smart, courageous and independent single mother. Having lost her husband Mike to the battlefields of Iraq, she is determined to forge a new future for herself and her young daughter.

  • A bright, outspoken mechanic and business owner, Ramón has a grasp on the world outside, but falters when it comes to women. Loyal and true, he becomes Alejandro’s close friend and ally.

  • Luisa’s outspoken and energetic best friend. Often underestimated because of her stunning beauty, she is in transition, looking for her true self.

  • The charismatic leader of a gang of local thugs and criminals. Intelligent and calculating, his deep experience has taught him to trust no one. His weakness? Luisa.

  • He’s not just another pretty face. El Chulo is cruel, toxic and feared by his gang, The Syndicate. The right hand to El Guajo, in time his ambitions will come to light.

  • Alejandro’s younger sister. She is an impressionable teen searching for her identity, but looking in all the wrong places. Her new attitude will challenge the family and Alejandro in a difficult time.

  • The youngest member of El Guajo’s gang. A decent guy mixed up with the wrong crowd, Jonas may not be a total lost cause. His love for the wrong girl may get him back on the right track, or get him killed.

  • An African-American mechanic with a lot of love for the Latin culture. An employee of the RPM Shop, he admires Ramón and often acts like his conscience, even if he hardly ever listens.

  • The mysterious Police Detective, often risking her life to unearth the truth. She is commanding in a world traditionally dominated by men. Her confidence and intelligence attract the attention of the men around her, who she readily handles.

  • Carolina is a go-getter in charge of her own life, until a chance encounter changes it completely.

  • Alejandro’s missing father who has transplanted his family from the west coast to Miami. A good man caught up in the wrong business, Carlos soon tries to correct his mistakes, but it may be too late.

  • Alejandro’s mother and confidant. Born and raised in a small town, she has tried to be the rock of the family, her first priority.

  • Owner of the local bar and a former Army Ranger. He is an honest and successful man. A deep friendship with Don Carlos leads him to be protective of Alejandro.

  • A mysterious player in the dealings and interests of The Syndicate. He hides in the shadows, veiling his true identity.

  • He’s the classic "Miami playboy" who uses technology for all the wrong reasons. He believes he’s a big boss, but in fact he’s a small player in a much larger game.
Alejandro returns from war looking for justice and his missing father. The beautiful Luisa must deal with her own troubles as both are dangerously drawn towards each other. They enter the shadowy world of Miami's underground street racing which brings them together but can tear them apart. A pulsing soundtrack, today's hottest new actors, racing, love and drama all set in the world's most exciting city. RPM Miami will leave your adrenaline racing.