Naco, Pocho (with English subtitles)

Have you ever been called a naco? Have you ever called someone naco? Are all Mexican-Americans "pochos"? Who gets to decide? Popularized in the late 1970s by the comedian Luis de Alba, the term “naco” is commonly used to mean “low class” but to a younger generation, it can also mean “tacky cool” in a fashion similar to the U.S. hipster appropriation of trucker hats and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Similarly, the term “pocho”, which was traditionally used in Mexico as a put-down against Americans of Mexican descent, has become a point of pride to a growing number of Mexican-Americans. Featuring interviews with Xavier El Eléctrico (dancer), Gustavo Arellano (writer and editor, Ask a Mexican, Taco USA), Penelope Menchaca (TV host, 12 Corazones), Alacranes Musical (musical group), Alex Rivera (music artist), Luis de Alba (actor and comedian, El Pirruris), Edoardo Chavarin (designer, NaCo), La Bronca (radio host), Larry Hernandez (music artist), 3ball MTY (musical group), Gloria Trevi (music artist), Daniel Hernandez (writer and journalist, Down and Delirious in Mexico City) Lalo Alcaraz (writer and cartoonist, Pocho, La Cucaracha), Gerardo Ortiz (music artist), Los Tucanes de Tijuana (musical group), Edward James Olmos (actor and director, Stand and Deliver, American Me, Selena, Battlestar Galactica), Montez de Durango (grupo musical), Jenni Rivera (music artist), Duelo (musical group).
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gloria trevi, 3ball mty, gerardo ortiz, edward james olmos in naco, pocho
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